Crisalide is a EU-funded project under the Horizon2020 programme.

CRISALIDE focuses on the enhancement of the long-term collaboration in the field of research and innovation among researchers, companies (technology providers) and the public sector through the design and implementation of a Decision Making Tool. The consortium members RU, RO, A, GR from the Era.Net Rus Plus arena are skilled experts (researchers, planners and technology developers) will ensure through WP activities the smooth implementation of the project.
CRISALIDE through its methodology and participatory activities will develop a stable, engaged stakeholder group, which will assist in the establishment of the innovative development schemes (IDS) in four domain:

  • energy, environment and climate change;
  • social innovation and ICT, new and emerging technologies;
  • ICT and culture and
  • tourism, agri-food, cultural heritage.

Based on the IDS schemes stakeholders can match their business interest with each other and find new partners for R&D activities. Furthermore, the IDSs will be the basis of the IDMT online collaboration platform, which ensure the sustainability of the project due to the constant business matching and decision making processes. Major expected results of the project will be a committed stakeholder network, an efficient and effective IDMT, and the increased number of collaboration in the field of R&D and innovation. The results and the impacts are organized in three innovation domains: organizational innovation (such as new niches for local, city-based private sector to boost R&D and innovation activities, policy impact to reinforce local and national related policies about collaboration in the field of R&D and innovation), technological innovation and social innovation (enhanced Local Identity to improve social capital, increased climate and environmental awareness to favour communities preparedness, increased ICT development awareness to enhance local economics).